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Hubei Jingmao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006. It is a private technology company that produces quartz crystal frequency devices and a technology alliance company of the original state-owned 875 factory (Dongguang Electric Appliance Factory). In 2010, the company formed an enterprise alliance with three other related companies in the region. Its production capacity is 80 million quartz crystal resonator wafers per year, 50 million quartz crystal resonators per year, and 30 million 3*8, 2*6 columnar crystals per year. The company has world-class process production equipment and a strong technical development team. Professional and technical personnel account for 30% of the total number of employees, and engineers and technicians directly engaged in product research and development and quality management account for 20% of the total number of employees.


Features of crystal oscillator products: miniaturization, high stability, rapid sample production, short order cycle, complete crystal oscillator models, and huge spot inventory.

7XO(SMD7050)7.0*5.0*1.51M~125MTTL/COMS1.8v 2.8v 3.3v 5.0vDownloadDownload
5XO(SMD5032)5.0*3.2*1.31M~125MTTL/COMS1.8v 2.5v 3.3v 5.0vDownloadDownload
3XO(SMD3225)3.2*2.5*1.21M~125MTTL/COMS1.8v 2.5v 3.3vDownloadDownload
2XO(SMD2520)2.5*2.0*0.91M~61.44MTTL/COMS1.8v 2.5v 3.3vDownloadDownload
7LV(SMD7050)7.0*5.0*1.825M~156.250MLV-PECL2.5V 3.3VDownloadDownload
5LV(SMD5032)5.0*3.2*1.325M~156.250MLV-PECL2.5V 3.3VDownloadDownload
3LV(SMD3225)3.2*2.5*1.225M~156.250MLV-PECL2.5V 3.3VDownloadDownload
7LD(SMD7050)7.0*5.0*1.825M~156.250MLVDS2.5V 3.3VDownloadDownload
5LD(SMD5032)5.0*3.2*1.325M~156.250MLVDS2.5V 3.3VDownloadDownload
3LD(SMD3225)3.2*2.5*1.225M~156.250MLVDS2.5V 3.3VDownloadDownload
7VO(SMD7050)7.0*5.0*1.51M~200MTTL/COMS3.3v 5.0vDownloadDownload
5VO(SMD5032)5.0*3.2*1.31M~54MTTL/COMS3.3v 5.0vDownloadDownload
3VO(SMD3225)3.2*2.5*1.21M~54MTTL/COMS3.3v 5.0vDownloadDownload
14GO(DIP14)20.8*13.2*5.01M~125MTTL/COMS3.3v 5.0v
08GO(DIP8)12.7*12.7*5.51M~125MTTL/COMS3.3v 5.0v